New Dietary Plan

As much as I like the idea of Dr. Wahls’ 9 cups of berries and veggies a day nutrient dense diet my body didn’t. I’m not absorbing nutrients properly so increasing the amount of nutrient dense food I’m eating made my body treat the extra nutrients as an invading force. Gotta love Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Anyway, my doctor and I found a gentler way to get all the nutrients I need from food while helping my malabsorption issues. It may take longer but my body will at least stop feeling like I’m poisoning it with the foods I’m eating. I’m now trying the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. It’s complicated but basically it’s grain free, refined sugar free and starch free. Its aim is to heal and balance the microbes in the gut so nutrients are absorbed properly. It’s highly recommended for people with autoimmune diseases, especially ones that affect the gut like Celiac and Crohn’s.

SCD is both more permissive than the modified Paleo diet I’ve been on for the past month and more restrictive. The only sweetener I can use is honey and even my beloved date sugar isn’t allowed. I also can’t use my favorite gluten replacement: chia seeds. There’s a whole new set of cooking and baking challenges ahead of me. I’m looking forward to experimental cooking and, eventually, improved health!

About Vandy Roadifer

Vandy Roadifer has a M.S. in Human Nutrition and lives with complex chronic illnesses, which includes many food allergies and sensitivities. She enjoys creating and sharing great tasting recipes that fit her lifestyle, discussing food related topics, and educating people on how best to meet their individual nutritional needs from an evidence based perspective.
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2 Responses to New Dietary Plan

  1. Yolanda says:

    Hi There! So give me an example of meals on this new diet! Sounds very interesting. Sorry you have to keep going thru all these major changes. It really is a good thing you like to cook…for someone else, with the same issues, this could be hell & beyond! Miss ya šŸ™‚

    • For breakfast I usually have a roasted veggie hash (beets, carrots, onions & mushrooms) with an over easy egg; lunch is either a soup or salad with some kind of protein and the same with dinner. For snacks I’ve been eating nuts, fruit or an almond milk and fruit smoothie. Since I just started this eating plan I haven’t got into any baking yet. I bought almond and hazelnut flours to experiment with. There will be honey sweetened banana nut bread and almond cookies in the near future, I expect. Some cheeses are allowed on this diet but I’m going to wait a few weeks, maybe longer, before adding it since the last time I tried I still reacted to it. At least this eating plan should make losing weight easier than eating 9 cups of veggeis & berries per day. I gained nearly 10lbs during the month I was eating that way and have lost half of that already on this new plan.

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