Kitchen Staples

When most people think of basic staples in the kitchen they envision butter, flour, milk and sugar. For the dairy, wheat, rice, soy, and sugar free cook, the basics aren’t so basic. I’ve listed below what I consider staples in my kitchen. I use a number of other ingredients, especially in baking, since I’m always experimenting with different flours and flavors but without these things cooking and baking would be much more difficult.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) are lower in digestible carbohydrates.

Gluten/Wheat Free Flours
Almond flour/meal*
Amaranth flour
Arrowroot powder
Chia seed meal*
Chickpea/garbanzo bean flour
Coconut flour*
Corn starch
Golden flaxseed meal*
Oat flour
Sweet sorghum flour
Tapioca flour/starch

Dairy Free Products
Almond milk (unsweetened)*
Coconut butter*
Coconut milk, canned*
Coconut oil*
Vegan margarine (homemade)*

Baking Necessities
Baking powder*
Baking soda*
Chia or flax seeds*
Psyllium husk powder*
Vanilla extract*

Alternative sweeteners
Date sugar
Maple syrup
Monkfruit extract (without maltodextrin)*
Stevia extract in 11% alcohol*
Stevia and erythritol blend (without maltodextrin)*

Polenta (aka grits or cornmeal)

3 Responses to Kitchen Staples

  1. Sounds like my kitchen! Good to not be alone! Good eats!

  2. charolenne shehorn says:

    I am playing with an idea for making yogurt with almond or coconut milk..would it be possible to use chia seeds to thicken? this would bump up the fiber

    • Chia seeds or chia meal should work well. I’d do the fermentation first then add the chia before refrigeration. Chia pudding is usually 1/4 cup chia seeds to 1 cup liquid. Yogurt is traditionally less thick then pudding so I’d start with 2 Tbs chia seeds to 1 cup liquid and add more if necessary after 8-12 hours in the refrigerator.

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